1. Little Piece of History
2. Mama Needs a Margarita
3. Make Me Change My Mind
4. Annabelle
5. April Fool
6. Somebody I Know
7. Too Shiny
8. Waltz of the Wayward Wind
9. Taken All You Wanted
10. What Did You Come Back Here For?


Recorded at the Finishing School, Austin, TX
Produced by George Reiff
Engineered by George Reiff, Brian Standefer, and Andrew Hernandez
Mixed by Steven Christensen and George Reiff
Mastered by Fred Kevorkian at Kevorkian Mastering, NY, NY


Musicians: Brad Rice, Sweney Tidball, George Reiff, Greg Nies, Brian Standefer, Geoff Queen, Mike Hardwick, Eric Hisaw, John Ginty, Martie Maguire, Bruce Robison, Jenn Miori, Beth Chrisman, Brandy Zdan. Art: Phoebe Muth. Photography: Genevieve Pierson


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Heart Like a Wheel (A.McGarrigle)
I’ve Been Deceived (Q. Claunch/B. Cantrell)
Walking the Line (Z.Muth)
Maureen Maureen (J.Prine)
Country Blues (M.L. “Dock” Boggs)
Get It While You Can (J. Ragovoy/M.Shuman)

Recorded in Robert Lee Mitchell’s Garage and Jupiter Studios, Seattle,WA
Produced by Zoe Muth
Engineered by Robert Lee Mitchell and Jonas Gushurst
Mixed and Mastered by Martin Feveyear

Musicians: Dave Harmonson, Ethan Lawton, Greg Nies, Mike McDermott, Joy Mills, Tom Parker.


Photography: Valeria Spring

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