One of the year’s best country albums, even as it steps outside the genre.
– The Fader

Muth’s most mature and interesting album yet.
– Seattle Times

Muth is a natural talent.
– Peter Blackstock, Austin American-Statesman

World of Strangers effortlessly pushes and pulls country music boundaries. . .[an] excellent new collection.
– CMT Edge

It’s simply a wonderful album, full of sharp songwriting that shouldn’t be overlooked as one of 2014’s best country releases.
-Pop Matters

Muth’s real appeal is how easy she makes it all seem: in a country landscape littered with too many try-hards, her casual delivery lends a heavy honesty to her words.
-Texas Music Magazine

Zoe Muth’s fourth album is where she truly hits her stride and delivers. . . An album that marks the proper arrival of a new, powerful and vital voice.
– Americana UK

Singer-songwriter ZOE MUTH is one of those musicians who deserves to be much better known, and her new album World of Strangers is full of delights. . .This is high-class modern country music.
– Telegraph UK


If your own favorite country singers came from the vinyl era, don’t let this one pass you by

A magnificent songwriter
-El Pais

Whatever “it” is, Muth currently possesses skip loads of
“it”.  She sings Nashville country straight and honest with no frills . . .the real deal and with genuine widespread appeal.
–Maverick Magazine

I just can’t stop playing this.
Bob Harris BBC Radio 2

We rarely talk about country music as being “soulful” or having “soul”, but thank god Zoe Muth is here to change this…the gentle truth of her songwriting and the softness of her voice lend a weight to the music that gives Starlight Hotel, a true feeling of soulfulness… an astonishingly good songwriter.
-No Depression

Starlight Hotel is one of those albums that you need if your first exposures to country music came from the static-y radio in the cab of your dad’s old pickup truck… essential listening.

This is absolutely spine-tingling stuff. Not only does she sing like a hillbilly angel, but she writes instant classics. 
Remember the first time you heard Infamous Angel? Well, Muth is right up there with Iris DeMent as a singer-songwriter, though harder-edged and harder country.  Unreservedly recommended.
3rd Coast Music Magazine

Her phrasing stands right beside Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson – two masters of an under-appreciated craft
Elmore Magazine

With a haunting voice that treads soul and country and can only be described as cosmic americana, Zoe Muth delivers songs that sound like vintage country classics.

Muth has gifted the world with a collection of music that is straight no chaser.  Just when you start to believe that they just don’t make ’em the way they used to, Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers come along to restore your faith.
-Country Standard Time